Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dick Richards - Costa Daurada EP (2003

  • Tech-house
  • Minimal techno
  • Microhouse
  • Dub techno
  • Experimental techno
  • Remix

Comment: this 4-piece EP reveals Dick Richards stark affinity for microscopic rhythmic frequencies and suggestive harmonies within the realm of house, techno, and dub (in a lesser extent, though). In spite of it the issue`s characteristics seem often to be way too far away from rhythms of the ordinary club lounge venue. It is rather cerebral music consecrated by Detroit techno tradition and the artists` aesthetics of such labels as Minus, Kompakt and Basic Channel. Indeed, every pop, crackle and slit on it seems to be thorougavaldamahly controlled and managed to constitute such a soothing gem. Indeed, though 11 years has passed, Costa Daurada EP echoes still in a refreshing way. The release was done available by cult dance music label Thinner.                  

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