Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dadalù – Internet (2013)

  • Hip-hop
  • Electro-hop
  • Electro pop
  • Digital soul
  • Alternative dance
  • Reggae-hop
  • Urban music
  • Remixes
Comment: Dadalù is a Santiago, Chilean female hip-hop artist who has issued a handful of albums during the last 3-4 years (all of them can be found from her and Free Music Archive site). This time all the attention is centred upon her single Internet. It might be that her single of cute hip-hop and decent electro pop mixed details is shadowed by other artists in the context. For instance, there are up some outstanding explorations of the composition. For instance, Deaf Shout Remix is a glimpse into a sublime electro pop compartment. Vaskular Remix talks in digital soul-drenched language, and Una Niña Malvada Remix`s flight of thought emerges due to heavily vocodered vocals and subtle sonic effects around it. Get a look on it!
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