Thursday, August 28, 2014

Miami Slice – Brooklyn 2 Brooklyn EP (2014)

  • Electro house
  • Italo disco
  • House pop
  • Disco house
  • Mood music
  • Alternative dance
  • Club dance

Comment: one thing is truly sure at the moment - New Yorker Christian Montoya aka Decktonic aka Miami Slice came off in full. Undoubtedly Brooklyn 2 Brooklyn EP is his best release ever issued. It is fairly catchy and spellbinding sharing its place somewhere in between the territories of club dance and mood music. There are many ghosts in-flight. From Giorgio Moroder and Gino Soccio inspired Italo disco-based grooves and propulsions and more contemporary filter-heavy house dregs to volatile electro gears and cinematically orchestrated or briny pop house/disco oscillation frequencies. It is pure gold by any means. It might be even the best issue in 2014 so far.             

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