Saturday, August 23, 2014

Asalto Al Parque Zoològico/Sugar Candy - Noise Sweet Noise EP (2010)

  • Shoegaze
  • Dream pop
  • Fuzz pop
  • Alternative pop
  • Post-punk
  • Psych-rock
  • Space rock

Comment: indeed, noise rock can sound truly sweet and mellow as proved The Jesus And Mary Chain, and especially My Bloody Valentine for some decades ago. A couple of Argentinian groups Sugar Candy and Asalto Al Parque Zoològico are obviously inspired by those aforementioned noise juggernauts, respectively. More profoundly, this split of 4 tracks reveals some astonishing moments regarding trippy shoegaze explorations (where noise meets sex meets space meets dreams) and heavily hiss-loaded yet exorcized post/punk/fuzz pop/psych-rock. The EP is issued under an Argentinian label, EPG Records. However, regarding South America-based shoegaze-related combos I recommend to listen to Inverness, and This Lonely Crowd either (both from Brazil).    
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