Saturday, August 23, 2014

Defuntos Putridos - O Cadáver está Vivo! (2008)

  • Hardcore punk
  • Brutal punk
  • Live session
  • Horror punk
  • Horror surf
  • Death punk
  • Anti-punk
Comment: this 10-notch issue is recorded at Carnificina Cinema Clube, Brazil showing up Defuntos Putridos is an angry and anguished combo mixing mercilessly together hardcore and horror. It is filled with brain-penetrating yet somehow soul-amusing groans and heartsick half-screams, and rotten feedbacks (there are presented some glimpses of horror surf music, and some “sophisticated” rhythms either). Regarding the concept there are up only two possibilities – is it either just faked yet highly spectacular energy delivery or is it coming from the very bottom of their hearts and souls laid out in front of our foots. Never mind. Pertaining of the music history it might be better not to know the whole truth. However, the more you listen to it the better it gets. Last but not least – the cover print is charming as usual regarding such kind of groups. Assassino!!!  
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