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The Nutries – The Nutries (2013)

  • Hardcore punk
  • Death punk
  • Brutal punk
  • Trash punk
  • Screamo

Comment: The Nutries is a quintet from Italy who used to play punk in a hard-core-ish and trash-y way. Their 7-track gift is highly intense due to a great frequency of thudding drum banging, strident screaming in Italian in your ear, and raggedly rushing guitars in between. At times the quintet used to slow down to mosh for seconds to accelerate their pace once again. Stylistically they melt both diverse elements of metal and punk into a mix. Particularly prominent tracks seem to be Raptus Infernale, Tre Parole, and Libero+B.B.B. In addition to such labels as Makadam Circus, and Sputo Records the issue is released by a prolific label, Sirona-Records headed up by the French electronic experimentalist Arnaud Barbe. In a word, discover the Nutries` discography and varicoloured discography of Sirona-Records.