Mala Culebra - Mala Culebra (2012)


/Avant-garde, Neoclassical, Post-psychedelic electronica, Noise, Neofolk, Experimentalism/

Comment: Mala Culebra is the experimental music project of the US-based Italian Francesco Perdona aka Arte Sacra Atelier and the Argentinian Ariel Chapuis aka Playing With Nuns. Their collaborative 9 tracks are spreaded out over 41 minutes, however, straddling the border between noiseful contemplations and acute noise torrents, neoclassical/neofolk glimpses, lofty electronic progressions and sampledelic dodges, off-kilter industrialized shamanism. Ultimately all of that will be resulted in a slightly psychedelic frame, though, it should not be understood as psychedelic in the straight sense of the word. The album seems to depict the world after the hippies are died off.