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Pollux - My Beautiful Melancholia (2012)


/Ambient, IDM, Ambient techno, Experimental electronica, Breakbeat, Kosmische Musik/

Comment: Arnaud Barbe aka Pogohm aka Pollux can be described as a very prolific artist from France who in addition to have issued a batch of countless releases over the last years heads up a label, called Sirona-Records in which list there are represented more than 500 albums at the moment (despite of being one of the most qualitative blueprints worldwide). However, his 4-piece brand new one which is spreaded out over 14 minutes meets at the crossroads of boisterous ambient, an array of reshuffled broken beats, and somehow transcendental feeling. Inspite of involving a loads of elements it sounds essentially holistic. At times it chimes like the flight of a mysterious spaceshuttle having been on the road more than the average time length of a human generation thus the memories about this one are remarkably blurred, though, some people still believe there might be up such kind of object. In a word, it is a fabulous issue alleviating pain and providing hope for the next days.