Weldroid Attitude Indicator (Kahvi)

I suppose, there is no question about Tamas Zsiros aka Weldroid`s ability to proof himself as an artistically established musician among the IDM-niks in worldwide. No doubt, his previous releases Stranglehold (2008, Kahvi), and Splines (2010, Soft Phase) has showcased his strength to reach off mesmerizing rhythmic patterns, playing out in abstract cadences at the one time, or keen likely to harmony-based occurences at the second time, or infused versions of the two abovementioned ones at the third time. Yet, it is not a kind of near-softcore IDM appearance, having its flow on a blend of motorik gears and electro-esque blurbing of the robot-alikeness in the style of Autechre or Dopplereffekt, respectively. In a word, based upon a sheer cutting edge conception.

However, the Hungarian`s third release (15 tracks within approximately 80 minutes) under the legendary Kahvi Collective seems to be more outstripping vis à vis with the two previous issues. Aside every kind of obligatory nucleus-based angular metallic techno beat variations around here you can detect for krautrock-alike Moog-based blurbs in the vein of Tangerine Dream or its members` solo projects (Silicon Man Extraterrestrial), deliciously malicious sonic effects, in-deep-psychedelia-poking-around synth brooding or elemental cosmic layers to overlap and spice up the whole record. One of the best electronic albums of 2010 to date.

Listen to it here