Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gozne – Fin del Tiempo (2017)

  • Kraut-techno 
  • Motorik 
  • Minimal techno 
  • Electronic music 
  • Techno pop 
  • Ambient 
  • Deep techno 
  • Electro-acoustic 
  • Drone

Comment: these 8 tracks clocking in at a 46 minute are set up to provide an example of techno music at the artist`s own disposal. The main instrument is a thick bass line which is arranged in different forms and through different frequencies. It reminds of the era when Kraftwerk intended to shift from guitars, a flute, an organ and the drums mixed experimental rock format into an overtly synthetic apparition (by denoting such outings as Ralf und Florian (1973), and Autobahn (1974)). Undoubtedly Gozne`s motorik impresses me because if you have grown up or at a time rejected other styles by listening to Faust, Neu!, and early Kraftwerk this profound motorik trace is put deeply into your perception. It is not only hypnotic, it is transcendental because it is seminal all the time - in other words - it is ahead of its time. It is proud, it is reluctant, it is self-confident because its value is distinctly delineated in the history of pop music. And as you can see by the recent case the influence continues to grow further. Of course, while talking about and trying to understand the contemporaneous filter should be added in between to get a proper comprehension. At Fin del Tiempo the listener can hear different variations of it – stubborn techno pop at EL FIN (Ez. 7.2); TIERRA NUEVA (Ap. 21.1) is the most disorienting composition within it due to those squeaking-squealing concrete sounds as if coming outside your headphones, from the street or as if someone is ringing the doorbell of your apartment. So I took away the headphones to make difference… . Secondly, it is an exuberant, undulatory ambient track and because of it being distinctive from the rest. In truth, the opening track EL HADES (Ap. 20.14) is quite similar thanks to those high-pitched yet lone electronic chords atop space-y droning. By its form it is rather an example of electro-acoustic music. This impressive brace of tracks is a part of the discography of Pueblo Nuevo. Both of them are the Chilean ones.
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