Monday, March 5, 2018

Spuma Pu – Spuma Pu (2017)

  • Freeformfreakout 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Improvised music 
  • No Wave 
  • Improvised noise 
  • Electronic music 
  • Leftfield 
  • Radiophonic art

Comment: from conservative point of view it is a chaotic bullshit which does have a few in common with traditional songwriting. In fact, some shards of the traditional song structure are demolished into unknown. More profoundly, there are up some layers from CAN's most experimental tracks like Aumgn, and Peking O by Tago Mago, the twisted electro-punk ethic of Suicide, improvised noise ethic of Borbetomagus and No Wave in general. You can hear hallmarks of experimental music like sheer experiments with radio short waves, gritty electronic music, vowel and gurgling dashes, unexpected turns in different directions, accelerated and decelerated sonic effects. Mostly it comes out like an obscure radio play from the 70s (one of the best experimental genres). It reminds me of Sarah Raisines who did already appear at RMH, and Pan Y Rosas Discos and is represented on the release. In a word, let's set your mind free to embrace the aforementioned madness. The mind-provoking outing is a bit in the discography of Pan Y Rosas Discos.
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