Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tante Jules dan Pemuda Inisiatif – For Peace and Togetherness (2010)

  • Indie pop 
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Noise pop

Comment: as the title says this set of 7 compositions is dedicated to peace, solidarity, and love. And the lyrics will affirm it. Behind the project are Singapore artist Juliana Yasin and Majalengka, Indonesia-based Jatiwangi Art Factory. Coincidentally I am reading at the moment William Somerset Maugham`s Far Eastern Tales so the idyllic outing used to resonate with it. Indeed, some lyrics are represented in English, and some in a local language (I shall have to apologize for my stupidity). However, music is an universal language so it is my pleasure to understand a subtle stringed accompaniment for a light-hearted singing at times being accompanied by male voices as well. At times gentle flute whiffs and magically sounding melodica based droning are embedded in the gentle singing and calm guitar strums. Only the final track Damaikan Bumi used to employ panoramic noisy guitar dodges, making up the fine resonance for the whole. In a nutshell, it is a lovely issue being part of the discography of Cratediggers.
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