Thursday, January 28, 2016

Etiket Zero – Planet (2011)

  • Hip-hop
  • Rap
  • Ethnotronica
  • Urban music
  • Avant-hop
  • Sampledelic
  • Industrial-hop
  • World music

Comment: this 4-track issue by the French-based hip-hop artist Etiket Zero is a fascinating one because of providing a coherent bound of rhythms, ill-omened gauze and overdriving effects. Those rhythms are craftily produced to vary in their appearance from slightly sprawling noise-fuelled synth basses to smithereens exploded thumps. Furthermore, the artist used to sample ethnic instruments (tabla, tanpura) and flutes, down-beaten paces and the African people`s singing at _Planet_N_YAK.412. Indeed, this quite long-running composition is very interesting because of involving a shitloads of unexpected turns and dodges. The track is the exception within the whole issue. All these lyrics are chanted in English having no penchant toward such simplistic topics as women, money and cars in a vulgar way. For instance, at _Planet_N_AYK.599_Feat._Guttahface the artist ushers the listener in a more lone and lovelorn way. Musically with the excursion of the first mentioned track there can be drawn parallels with the elegantly squelching and cracked aesthetic of Death Grips who had been making first steps to conquer the world at the time of the release of this issue. However, it was not Etiket Zero`s first album where the artist experimented with such experimental narratives. Additionally I recommend listen to an album called Album La Paix (2008) where the artist had glided along abstract soundscapes, however, noises and ethnic motives were represented either. All in all, it is a bewildering stuff where tension and intensity in sound and on the other side those mind-boggling sonorous crumbs and harnessed to conjure up outstanding incantations for our pleasure. It is an ideal template of hip-hop music. 

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