Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jealousy Party - All Yours (2013)

/Free jazz, Improvised music, Dub, Avant-jazz, Dada music, Leftfield, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Improvised noise/

Comment: Jealousy Party is a challenging Italian combo (Roberta WJM Andreucci, Matt Pogo, Edoardo Ricci plus Kunto Bertiaka on percussion in some tracks) whose 29-minute session comprises extreme jazz or borderline noise explorations filled with choking energy and strangling intensity. It can say the trio is inspired both by glorious Italian noise tradition, French Dadaist scene and leftfield free jazz improvisers. Frenzied attacks of natural instruments (alto and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, trombone) and frantically chopped vocal tasks are juxtaposed against chameleon-like rhythm torrents and turntable based techniques which in turn do have references either toward experimental electronic directions, dub music or unclassified factor.  The result is betwitching chiming like having the purpose to exorcize the demons from an evil person.                   
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