Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Wordsmiths – IUMA

/Baggy, Dance rock, Remixes, Indie rock, Big beat, Alternative dance, Acid rock, Indie dance, Psychedelic rock, Alternative rock, Dub/

Comment: The Wordsmiths was a Penicuik, Scottish alternative rock combo whose preferable stylistic approach was to create acid fuelled dance rhythms tightly mixed up with psychedelic guitar textures and highly suggestive organ solos. They formed in 1990 and issued one LP (Penicuik 1990) and an EP, Floral Riot (both under Lone Head Records). Some years ago they returned with a single, called Oliver Cromwell. This 4-track issue consists of 2 original one and a couple of remixes bringing forth the best aspects of the musical group. The remixes are more big beat/dub oriented. Ultimately, you can just listen to it or dance with it. Undoubtedly such kind of dance-appealed music is open to many people and it is a genuine indie style by its touch and approach. Highly recommended.
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