Friday, October 3, 2014

Kukl – The Eye (1984)

/Post-punk, Avant-rock, Art punk, No Wave, Gothic rock, Improvised music, Experimental rock/

Comment: Kukl`s The Eye is undoubtedly one the most outstanding post-punk albums throughout the music history due to balancing excellently between cutting edge-y song-writing, gloomy harmonies and stylistic transitions. It is inspired by various styles and avant-garde groups, at times veering into free jazz, improvised music, and even pagan folk-inspired snippets. The only apparent element represented on the album predicting the birth of the Sugarcubes is singing dialogue between Björk and Einar Örn, More concretely, Björk`s vehement singing and declamation is outstanding and spellbinding, revealing hints at her later glorious solo career. By the way, the first notes of Open the Window and Let the Spirit Fly Free seem to be a base for the British indie rock combo House Of Love`s excellent hit Shine On (1990, Creation). The album was inspired by the French philosopher George Bataille`s The Eye which depicts sexually perverse and uncannily behavioural adventures of a young French couple within a violent context. In a nutshell, this 9-track issue which was issued 30 years ago sounds refreshingly today either - remarkably better than an average combo whose sound could be classified as "post-punk".          

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