Friday, October 3, 2014

Enbilulugugal - The TAURO Sessions '09 (2013)

/Harsh noise, Black metal, Avant-garde, Brutal metal, Black noise, Non-music, Technical metal, Noisecore, Psycho-acoustic/

Comment: the listener can be very sure this miscellany is not about pop musicat all, more concretely, being located somewhere in the periphery of metal and powerviolent music. If you have made acquaintance with the so-called Japanese noise music then this band might resemble the likes of Hanatarashi and Gerogerigegege, for instance. Similarly to the combo`s sonorous impact the 4-track issue is also impressive graphically – all bars indicating frequencies are at the height and the oscillation line is permanently quadrangularly shaped. Indeed, all is starkly amplified over here – some hardcore rock/punk roots are channelized into demented psyched-out outbursts, math rock premises are overthrown to get wrapped up in blackened metal rabidity and noise music straitjacket. In a word, it must be heard before to believe (in) it – overwhelming by any means.              

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