Friday, October 3, 2014

Scott Lawlor - The Absence of Light Contains The Shadow of Loss (2014)

/Dark ambient, Minimal, Drone, Dystopbient, Neoclassical, Microtonal, Ambient drone/

Comment: throughout these 71 minutes will happen quite less due to Scott Lawlor`s keenness to truly minimal aesthetics based on slightly gloomy progressions within ambient and drone music compartment. At times the scape is embellished with some half-orchestrations and buried crescendos. By conceptual side the whole is soaked with heavy matter of darkness and mourning. For instance, very characteristic are all the titles of this 4-track giant - A Gradual Descent Into the Chamber of Darkness, A Dream of Beauty is an Illusion in a Life of Loss, Beauty is Found in Melancholy, Cathedral of Pain and Grief . The compositions laid out in the middle rely on cathedral organ created sequences. Stylistically it used to sway somewhere in between neoclassical, drone and ambient music doing it in a slow mode. In a nutshell, there are only a couple of possibilities for the listener – it is either depressive and psychically teasing or beatific in its stark grief and overwhelmingly striking melancholy.       
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