Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ebola - Brodmann Area (2008)

/Grime, Electro, Ambient, Avant-garde, Crossover, Experimental electronica, Industrial techno, Experimental electro/

Comment: Ben Hudson aka DJ Psylage (also known from a group, called Baconhead – with Paul Bowyer) comes from Devon, UK. Before this 6-pieced issue, however, he released music of diverse styles on such labels as Mutant Spider, Wrong Music, Sublight, and Proboscus. Similarly to his previous issues the dominantly instrumental Brodmann Area does have lots of cues to a loads of different styles, offering splashing industrial techno/and electro beats, grime-drenched dystopic-ness, slap-up tekno overthrows, digital glitch and eerily hollow ambient shades and much more worth to be discovered from this classic patchwork. The EP should not be misunderstood – this is not intended to be issued for dance floors, instead of it for your peripheric brain cells. Furthermore, by its ideological point, it is rather a hint at old school music for sure.
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