Alvin Curran – Reinier van Houdt – Dead Beats (2019)

  • Modern classical 
  • Contemporary classical 
  • Piano music 
  • Art music 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Improvised music 
  • Experimentalism

Comment: piano music can be represented in quite disparate ways, one could find out different aspects and facets from within it. Given that a listener knows what he/she could expect from it the focus would be set up in a more straight way because the formal tissue of piano sounds is austere and may be even irritating (I have seen a research with the result the piano has the most irritating sound among the instruments). Because of that the role of represented patterns and imaginations of the listener do have a huge impact. Alvin Curran is an acknowledged avant-garde composer from USA by having been experimenting with different instruments and concepts for decades. Piano as his very first instrument to be acquainted with Alvin Curran's relation is something between love and hate, between fondness and repulsion. As a premise before the album to be listened it is intriguing and thereby positive. A listener can perceive lots of slamming series of high, even cutting notes and key changes and superimposed chords which are then traded for almost gravity-free hypnotic explorations throughout long minutes. For a younger generation, or for the audience who like shorter formats like EPs the release may be a challenge due to compositions extending up to a 13 minute or longer. However, those more calm compositions provide something we are done out of – it is silence, it is internal incantation, it is something truly halcyon and pristine. As we see it is possible to create silence artificially. Artistically. Etymologically the words seem to be related on the word "art". And that's it. Furthermore, in the recent everyday situation a well-composed suite can be considered an example of silence. Furthermore, art is silence even if its format may be something noisy – paradoxically it comes out that a noise is not the noise (anymore). Give me (more) choice to get drowned in (more) noise! The 5-notch issue is a part of the discography of Moving Furniture Records (also providing home place for such luminaries as Merzbow, and Machinefabriek).