Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Robert Avellanet – Heart & Soul (2014)

  • Soul 
  • Funk 
  • Pop 
  • Soft pop 
  • Disco

Comment: Robert Avellanet`s 11-track outing gets a place in my listening world because of providing sonic elements which might be sugary and sleazy by some other artists with credibility and powerful inner impetus. More profoundly, it is a quite straightforward pop music with the elements of funk and soul. However, the central track on it is certainly The One And Only, one could feel its axial position while listening to these 42 minutes for many times in a row and while getting to it again. It does have enough strength to hover and tower and find out a slot in one`s heart. Lyrically the outing is predominantly about love, the fact which is obviously not surprising at all due to those softened pads and hopeful audible seeds /Love is a journey I would everywhere with you/My love I found you/My life is yours I was born for you/I dream about you/One day we will stand side by side/. In a word, it is an issue where Latin inflected balladry meets Motown inspired soulful music. Lovely stuff.
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