Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My First Trumpet – Frerk (2007)

  • Indietronica 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Post-rock 
  • Indie 
  • Glitch pop 
  • Electronic

Comment: Kevin Hamann aka My First Trumpet released a brand new album, Oke on Anette Records in 2016. However, he has been in the field for approximately 10 years representing the tendencies of indie and post-rock music through sublime electronic possibilities. With regard to the netlabel world there were many netlabels of which purpose was to promote artists with the aforementioned intent (Aerotone, 12rec, error! Lo-Fi Recordings, Poni Republic, 23 Seconds). Kevin Hamann`s 11-notch issue could best be understood in terms of balancing between minimal and rough, between simplistic and profound, between incisive and dulcet, between pastel tones and corroded ones. These characteristics could not be without each other to create something to be (nearly) perfect. By the first listening it might sound a bit simplistic but listening to it for more times an extraordinary indie world used to open up in front of your ears. Indeed, Hamann`s chemistry is profound and obsessive because without that there could not be mad professors of teaching us that pop music must be witty, organic, multi-faceted and being made with great dedication. It is well-groomed and lunatic at the same time. Recently I listened to a crosscut vinyl issue by Donovan (Golden Hour Of Donovan) and in comparison to this it could be said it is a reversed version of the legendary British singer-songwriter because Hamann`s approach is instrumental only though being laconic in a similar way. More profoundly, it might sound laconically yet all these elements are craftily fleshed out. The only shortage is it is devoid of trumpets, though. It is an unsuccessful joke of mine, isn’t. The favourite of mine is Muerz because of being sombre by its nature and intention while the rest of the album is rather neutral by its mood. Great classic to be recalled for(ever)
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