Wednesday, October 5, 2016

L'ira dell'Agnello – Coprofonia (2016)

  • Neofolk 
  • Dark folk 
  • Epic 
  • Apocalyptic folk 
  • Neoclassical 
  • Avant-garde

Comment: by listening to dark folk/neofolk music one could mostly assume – always different, always the same. Indeed, the bottom of these 50 minutes are made up of arcade guitar strums and ill-omened chants and murky yet majestic storytelling which are at times variegated by ringing electronic hovers, suggestive orchestrations, gritty electro-acoustic sounds and gently stomping rhythmic backups. The artist comes out of Italy and all the lyrics is represented in Italian. On the cover print you see a donkey who obviously will make or has already made...shit because the title is denoted as Coprofonia. Does it mean the music on it is arranged for shit? It reminds me of Coil because one of the duo`s earliest issues was titled as Scatology. It is not surprising at all that for such kind of artists it is important to accentuate contradictory elements with their concept. In a word, it is a very beautiful issue under the imprint Death Roots Syndicate.
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