Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Camp – Mean (2016)

  • IDM 
  • Experimental techno 
  • Dub techno 
  • Glitch techno
  • Minimal dub 
  • Drum and bass 
  • Tech-dub
  • Ambient 
  • Electronic music 
  • Minimal techno 
  • Ambient dub 
  • Post-classical

Comment:  David Turgeon has been heading No Type, and Panospria imprints since 1998, and as a musician as Camp he had been active since 2000 to 2007 (being very prolific in the span of time). Mean consists of 10 previously unreleased compositions, which in general consist of techno and IDM-drenched vibes though at times the Canadian musician searches for other directions either. For instance, one can hear enough ambient and dub-inflected appendixes, which are mostly coated with glitched-out its and incisive shards. Droning layers are set up in the midst of crunchy rhythms to establish drowsy harmonies. However, an obvious exception is Fucking in Tents based on the frantic drum and bass pattern, being counterpointed by a volatile synthesised layer atop. Another dodge is Hardly (feat. The Acoustics), which is an (electro-) acoustic composition indeed. It involves a mind-provoking post-classical shift within itself. The central piece of the issue is What When All The Air Is On The Ground?, which is compressed and slowed down and immersed in dreams being at times interrupted by a disparate kind of samples. In spite of it the notch chimes organically. Burn is an excellent ambient piece where elemental aurora borealis-alike flickers are mingled with majestic spacey layers thereby a little bit reminding of another Montrealer Tim Hecker (especially his first issues). In a nutshell, it is a great issue with the known and unknown tricks. Of course, the issue is a part of the discography of No Type.                                         
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