Blok - Самый Первый Альбом (2013)

  • Pop punk
  • Hip-hop
  • Crossover
  • Post-grunge
  • Rap

Comment: this is unfortunately bothersome album throughout the 3-track issue which chimes like people with a grunge-y background decided to start a new beginning for themselves, this time with hip-hop explorations. All the songs are sung and chanted in Russian, providing plain, even cliché inclined approach to topics. Indeed, lyrically it does have not much appeal by just repeating already known, worn statements. By the promise of the tag it should have been “garage hip-hop” but it is not. No way. At times one could feel it was produced by teenage schoolmates who needed to express their anxiety through music, however, having no killing effect to realize it. Some refrains are truly disturbing because doing it by using pop/faux punk-y noise walls a la Blink 182, and Green Day because of lacking crispy and nihilistic seeds within it being so characteristic to genuine garage and punk music. In this case all is commonly predictable. Let`s hop their next issues will be produced more sophistically.