Monday, January 4, 2016

The Womb – Joni`s Weird Chords (2015)

  • Singer-songwriter
  • Indie
  • Electronic pop
  • Alternative pop
  • Soul pop
  • Funk
  • Post-britpop

Comment: The Womb is Alan Driscoll, the singer-songwriter of English heritage who is living in Melbourne, Australia recently. He has issued a raft of albums and compilations (more than 20 issues in all) under his own imprint Danielle Records (some of the them have been issued in liaison with the Swedish imprint 23 Seconds) since 1998. At Joni`s Weird Chords lyrical side he is speaking about women/mistresses/sex partners, alcohol, drugs thereby depicting the vicious life course of one person. Musically as usual he likes to sing in a slightly oppressed, half-singing, half-chanting way which at times is backed up by soulful female voices (Cameron Pikò, Regina Eylward-Pikò, and Claire Jeddou) and sublime funk rhythms, austere yet convincing indie touch and suggestive soul pop arrangements. The cover print is highly appealing due to an erotically depicted female person and fish stocking and leather gloves and on the contrary conveying hidden persona through a campy element of disguise. If have never heard The Womb`s music and searching for some comparison points and have previously experienced some amiableness against Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), and Nick Currie (Momus) then you should give it a try. On the whole, although it might not be the best issue by Alan Driscoll, it provides a corroborant listening experience to your soul and mind. It is one of the albums in the list of pre-eminent issues out of 2015.
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