Thursday, January 21, 2016

Testemolde – Hidroxila (2015)

  • Stoner rock
  • Trash metal
  • Alternative rock
  • Crossover
  • Post-metal
  • Shoegaze

Comment: by listening to the first piece (JDSL) of this 3-track issue one could hear something of rough rock and roll played with a properly metal music approach. On the other side, Geezer adds some chosen shoegaze/space rock elements dispensed properly with more key changes to the mix thereby chiming slightly more psychedelic and thereby providing the stoner rock pathway to trudge. The final notch Testemolde is based on a rough metal riff supported by massive drum slams and galvanized guitar synergy. The accomplished point of the issue is that it succeeds to hold the line between alternative rock and metal music and to erase it now and then when it is necessary of avoiding of being played and getting perceived one-dimensionally. Well done. The notch is a part of the Brazilian alt-rock/shoegaze/dream pop/post-metal imprint Sinewave. 
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