Saturday, January 2, 2016

Taman Nada - Taman Nada EP (2014)

  • Indie folk
  • Folk rock
  •  Folk indie
  • Indonesian pop

Comment: if to run around in Internet and searching for netlabels then you might stumble upon such conglomerate of imprints as Indonesian Netlabel Union. The idea to establish such a sort of nationwide bond seems to be appealing. Furthermore, Indonesia is one of those Asian countries of having the decent indie scene and in general does have an awe-awakening musical legacy regarding both pop music and ethnic/world music. One of the notches is SUB/SIDE in the imprint`s compound and Taman Nada`s self-titled three track issue is a part of its discography. It starts off with whistling to evolve into clear-cut, light-hearted pop music which at times seems to be as crystalline as branch water. Indeed, it is devoid of crackbrained threads, tumbling strains and stoned outbursts however, in spite of it the result is impressive due to predominant vocal lead which is accompanied by sparse instrumentation due to neat guitar fingering – especially at the opening piece Fase. However, this track and Marilah Mari do provide the best harmony solution of which could be found over there. Musically they can be considered a part of the well-acclaimed indie folk/folk rock scene being so popular nowadays thanks to such combos as Mumford & Sons, Angus & Julia Stone, Ben Howard, and Fleet Foxes. All the songs are sung in Indonesian (or at least in a local native language). Let`s grab music from there. 

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