Friday, January 1, 2016

Some best albums in 2015

Comment: the year of 2015 is over and the one of 2016 started to make first steps. The previous year was as prolific as the earlier ones used to be. My personal intention has been for years not to deliberately concentrate on issues at a time. Because of that my list does represent only a microscopic part of what could have been. A huge amount of albums from the year 2015 wait to get listening times. Most of these albums are up for free download. On account of it I am going to permanently complete this list in future. Happy new year 2016!

Mercury Rev “The Light In You”
Mart Avi “Humanista”
The Hathaway Family Plot "Spare Time"
Natural Snow Buildings “Night Country”
The Fucked Up Beat “Europa”
The Fucked Up Beat “(hope! Our Drones Sent From Heaven)”  
Alessio Ballerini “Beautiful Ground”
Hanetration “Acid Reflux EP”
Aires & Rui. P. Andrade “Pânico-Ambiente”
Philip Johnson “0714”
Tont “Rändurvaim”
Japanese Large “Superpositioned”
Joxfield ProjeX, Cotton Casino “Casino Royal”
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Asunder, Sweet, and Other Distress”
Death Grips “Fashion Week”
Terrible Terrible “Get The New Computer”
Millions “Line In The Sky”
Aaron Yabrov “Tonmuseum”
Outer Gods “Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne”
St Cheatersburg “How To Lose Your Value on The Heterosexual Market”
Lee Noble “Un Look”
Day of the Triangle “Salvia Sundays”
Day of the Triangle “Chair Conspiracy”
Simon Waldram “Inside Out EP”
Jan Grünfeld “Music For Plants”
Massimo Ruberti “Armstrong”
Hanetration “Waldsterben”
Dadala “With Brass-Lines”
Orrorin Daydream “A Distant Veil”
Diropel “Yhnpivtr”
The Fucked Up Beat “Europa II”
Paris Angels “Eclipse”
Gamardah Fungus “Hidden By The Leaves”
This Lonely Crowd “Meraki”
Kroma “Prince of the City”
Cagey House “Sometimes Always Never”
Juçara Marçal & Cadu Tenório “Anganga                 
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