Friday, December 11, 2015

Digitalverein – Internal Course (2003)

  • Dub house
  • Club dance
  • Deep house

Comment: at the time the hours come closer and closer to the end of a day it is time to listen to deep house drenched vibes and rhythms replete with velvety shades and wobbling dub frequencies and something very magical yet indescribable within and around it. Those slightly shifted layers being juxtaposed against each other and over each other used to create psychedelic vibes within the compositions. Furthermore, it is not a mechanical work at all because of including many beatific harmonies and propulsive gears to eventually conjure up warm emotions inside the listener`s soul (Face The Horizon). Digitalverein is the project of Jörg Schuster and Internal Course is the follow-up to Zu Hause also being released under Thinner. In a word, this issue must be considered a classic deep house item. 
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