Monday, November 9, 2015

Sobre A Máquina – Anomia (2011)

/Post-metal, Progressive metal, Experimentalism, RIO, Avant-garde, Improvised music, Avant-prog/

Comment: the concept “Anomie” is a sociological term invented by the well-known French sociologist and thinker Èmile Durkheim in his work Suicide (1897). The term does refer to the breakdown of social ties between a person and the community. More profoundly, it is a state of derangement and unrest when moral norms are placed in doubt. Sobre A Maquina´s 2-piece issue is a follow-up to such issues as Decompor, and Areia which were the outings of problematic kind to be classified into very certain pigeonhole. Indeed, The Brazil trio`s music is something which rebels permanently against the stylistic borders though the ones are important because of conveying premises for further crossing. In a word, you need borders to cross them and thereby get somewhere else. Mostly the outing sounds like something of metal music being subjugated to the algorithms of krautrock and avant-prog/RIO aesthetic. It involves a shitloads of unexpected changes in style and instrumentation, in mood and in structure. At times it is calmed down at times it is thoroughly demented and stoned ready to annihilate its very core. It is not background music, it crashes into the listener. In a nutshell, the Rio De Janeiro based combo`s plan was ambitious, however, they were apt to fulfil it. 
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