Monday, November 30, 2015

Meow Meow vs. Jefflocks - Hard Gaan (2014)

  • Bhangra
  • Alternative dance
  • Drum and bass
  • Jungle
  • Wolrd fusion
  • Crossover
  • Breakbeat

Comment: this 7-piece issue by the Netherlands-based artists is a fabulous example of catchy broken rhythms and vocal delivery. More profoundly, it is relied on highly energized drum and bass and bold jungle paces to provide the background to bhangra stylized singing. At times the whole is saturated with relaxing synth progressions being so characteristic to deep house progressions thereby adding some complexity in structure (infrrrrma fe Dead). However, one can perceive some sublime noises and scattered sub bass frequencies coming out of the maze of the blend of those intensive rhythms and vocal deliveries. In a word, it is a fascinating punch getting your soul and body. Last but not least - it reminds me of cool late teenage listening sessions with music by Asian Dub Foundation, and Fun-Da-Mental in the 90s, The issue is a part of the discogrpahy of a meritorious label, Sociopath Recordings being active since 2006.  
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