Monday, November 16, 2015

Math - Nature EP (2006)

/Indietronica, Lo-fi, DIY, Electronic pop, Singer-songwriter, Folktronica, Alternative/

Comment: Math is the project of Kevin Steinhauser whose 7-track issue is an amusing travel through a spectre of diverse sounds, naïve aesthetic and a huge amount of fantasy. It is filled with the laugh both in a direct and indirect sense. The issue had been produced in the mid of the 00s when such sort of music was quite ubiquitous to be issued for the listeners. More profoundly, electronic propulsions and digital hisses and concrete music noises are mixed up with the twangs of folkloric instruments (mandolin) and glockenspiel chords, however, all of that it subjected to the DIY/lo-fi aesthetic. You can be sure many bands worldwide were then greatly influenced by the positive energy of Animal Collective. It is nice music from the Providence, Rhode Island, USA being issued under the then-Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela based label Poni Republic. The point is that a cultural bridge is much easier to create for than doing it though political/diplomatic channels.
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