Monday, November 23, 2015

Orrorin Daydream - A Distant Veil (2015)

/Dark ambient, Soundscape, Experimentalism, Minimalism, Abstract, Ambient dub, Epic/

Comment: Orroin Daydream`s 10-track issue A Distant Veil is a case of exuberant layers within catchy noises and fluctuating pulsating ambience coated with hisses and microscopic sounds (of course, all of that it is made in a deliberate way). Emotionally it is at times restrained and neutral, at times ready to turn into more ominous compartments saturated with echoes, specters and monochromic gothic fictions. In any cases, the whole stimulates the listener`s brain to fantasy and create pictures in her/his head. To understand the purpose it is quite trivial but it is the very goal ascribed to music. The Belgium-residing artist`s music could be compared with the likes of Tim Hecker (especially the Canadian musician`s first albums where boreal-related fictions were more depicted than on his later issues) and Vladislav Delay (also the artist coming from the northern hemisphere, more concretely from Finland) because of depicting a trudge across the pathway of (sub) dub-inflected wobbles and electro-acoustic bangles. In a word, the result is an outstanding notch within the realm of holophonic poetry getting a place in the list of the best albums of 2015. Being related to the Halloween date by the way.  
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