Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PM Prometheus – Mitochondria (2009)

/Electronic pop, Alternative pop, Synth pop, Electro-indie, Electroclash/

Comment: although New York-based PM Prometheus` album Mitochondria put off with Point Your Tendrils to the Sky which draws on arousing synthesised progressions and piano chords at the edge thereby creating a sublime sense in the listener`s head the artist later takes on more rhythm-ridden developments and harshly discordant structures. Musically PM Prometheus gets obviously inspiration from the 80s synth-pop and electro-rock and the highlight of electroclash at the beginning of 00s.Although the artist complains at his Jamendo site that the album does not maintain consistency of recording quality and the listener has to make his/her volume adjustments I did not clash against the aforementioned shortage. The cover print of the album is appealing (there is a light that never goes out?). Additionally to the 9-track album Mitochondria there are represented the likes of Slumberland, and Lilt at Jamendo as well all of them have been released approximately 5-6 years ago. Ina word, it is a decent exertion.
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