Sunday, October 25, 2015

Noisesurfer – ADSL (2012)

/Krautrock, Techno pop, Musique concrète, Experimental electronica, Dark ambient, Electronic music, Ambient techno, Space music, Tekno, Downtempo, Breakcore, Techno, Ambient pop/

Comment: Noisesurfer is the nom de plume of the Spaniard Joaquin Ronco aka Joachim Rontxelius who has issued a shitloads of releases so far, mostly on Ethno Indigo (established by him) and Jamendo. ADSL is a stunning miscellany of 15 tracks which used to fluctuate from picturesque downtempo vibes and alien emitted techno rhythms to more poppy techno threads to austere krautrock-alike modern rock structures to noise infused electronic propulsions. At times those techno rhythms are accelerated to reach the tekno level (for example, Timepaste). He exploits elements which may be fairly extremist ones in some circumstances (the use of digital noises, and glitched-out debris, and ghastly reverberations) but Joachim Rontxelius does exploit those ones in the way to create something recognizable and sublime yet poignant. In a word, those elements are subjected to formulas of bearable alternative pop/krautrock/electronic music. By kindred souls it could be compared with some Andrew Cauthen aka Take Pills Die`s releases and an early and mid-period Kraftwerk (the period when the legendary German combo started to drift from krautrock-fuelled vamps toward more electro and techno pop tunes, for instance, Ralf and Florian (1973); Autobahn (1974) ). In a nutshell, it is a solid issue which at times may sound like a retro one yet providing sustainable glimpses into the future. In a word, it is an instance of proper electronic music with and without cadences.
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