Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Etza Meisyara – Collapse (2010)

/Dream pop, Indie pop, Alternative pop, Lo-fi, DIY/

Comment: Etza Meisyara is a female indie popster from Indonesia whose track called Collapse takes the listener to a journey of soothing acoustic guitar chords and chopped-up rhythms and dreamy vowels on the top.  All of that used to result in the sublime harmony. The outing is a little bit clumsy, with an apparent angle of lo-fi aesthetic however, it is an intriguing issue from a region of Southeast Asia where producing indie music is being very popular amongst the youngsters for the last years. I can remember for such a site as SEA Indie (at the moment it is suspended though) which issued solid alternative pop music. The single is a part of the discography of StoneAge Records.
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