Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vivian Girls - May 11, 2009 Bowery Ballroom (2009)

/Live session, Garage rock, Punk rock, Noise pop, Alternative rock, Shoegaze, Dream pop, Indie rock, Lo-fi/

Comment: If to have some words about genuine modern female musicians one should explore women within the art pop/indie pop scene throughout the last three decades. Recently I read Morrissey`s autobiography where he spots upon an early Manchester indie/post-punk scene where only The Fall`s line-up involves female musician. In fact, women involved in the indie music scene were not a self-explanatory thing at a time actually. Later on the things started to improve remarkably. One could discover such great songwriters as Kate Bush, Kirsty MacColl, Björk, and PJ Harvey, for instance. Furthermore, there are up musical groups where women played an important part – for instance, in the 80s Siouxsie Sioux and her Banshees, Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, Elisabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, Bilinda Butcher, and Debbie Googe from My Bloody Valentine, Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi from Lush, Tara Vanflower from Lycia, Rachel Goswell from Slowdive, Toni Halliday from Curve, Lisa Germano, and Hope Sandoval if to name the most pre-eminent persons and musical groups. The 90s and 00s revealed innovative newcomers including Laetitia Sadier, Mary Hansen (most notably related to Stereolab), Megan White (The White Stripes), Brighton, Great Britain-based feminist art/experimental rock combo Electrelane, Pocahaunted and Best Coast. Vivian Girls was a Brooklyn-based trio who started off in 2007 and went on hiatus in 2014. In the meanwhile they issued three albums and had toured worldwide. Their music is a visceral blend of noise pop, feedback loaded punk, and dreamy female vocal driven enthralment. This 14-track gig was performed some months before issuing the combo`s sophomore album. Indeed, the performance used to fill in a good overview about their sound and dexterity to merge straightforward noise flows with hazy subtleties coming out of a vocal mannerism and catchy melodies. Although it could be said the trio`s permanent shift is somewhere between post-punk and shoegazing one can actually hear more artsy influences and drifts thereby reminding of Electrelane as a kindred soul sometimes. They bring forth lots of energy, charm, and verve for your pleasure. Amazing gig by any means.
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