Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fuck Explorer – Fuck Explorer (2010)

/Indie rock, Alternative pop, Lo-fi, DIY, Dream pop, Shitgaze, Fuzz pop/

Comment: Fuck Explorer is a duo consisting of Craig ad Henry from USA. They play guitars, drums, sing and play Theremin. Indeed, it is the same proto-electronic device which was invented approximately 90 years ago (in 1928) in the Communist Russia by Leon Theremin which is doing ghostly, high-pitched electronic sound. However, many famous rock and pop groups have exerted it in their oeuvre (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Portishead, Beach Boys, Jean Michel Jarre etc). The duo`s short-running, eponymous EP involves many different facets. First of all, it consists of over-amplified guitar noise rock with strong resonance and dissonance atop. On the other side, it chimes silently, almost like a hyper-realist dream pop group a la Ducktails in some tracks (Vishnu Purana, White Minx You Know). The duo demonstrates its affinity toward spaced-out pop either, especially at the finishing composition La Bamba. Those towering guitar riffs and extended soundscape developed around it with pulsating monotonous electronics on the right channel do make difference. Ultimately it can be said the EP is appealing in its roughness and satisfactory in its diverse approach. 
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