Monday, September 28, 2015

Abject Object – Romance LP/CD (2013)

/Punk rock, Art punk, Alternative rock/

Comment: Abject Object is a Paris. France-based musical project whose 11-track issue has been released in different formats under a bunch of record labels so far (Echo Canyon, Flower Of Carnage, Wee Wee, Corn Dog, Protagonist, Zone Onze, Gang Bang Tapes. moncul, Emergence) . Because of that it can be admitted the combo`s music must have some kind of appeal. The combo`s music is tagged as “hardcore” and “hardcore punk” though it is a little bit overstated because the album chimes more softened than an average hardcore band used to do. Of course, some levels of hardcore elements are represented there but they are represented on the average. Moreover, at Waste Of Time the listener is pulled into artsy punk explorations giving the group`s another dimension. At Cruel the band reveals its disposition via those quite atmospheric guitars in the ending section toward the 80`s alternative rock bands who were influenced by the post-punk movement but searched for their own pathway a la The Chameleons, Echo & The Bunnymen, Korova Milk Bar etc. In a word, it is a solid punk rock album. Indeed, it is a decent drift between rock patterns and punk-ish rebellious message and attitude.
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