Thursday, July 16, 2015

We Are All Slaves - You Must Be Stuck Into Some Complications (2015)

/Avant-garde, Noise, Psycho-acoustic, Non-music, Experimentalism, Freeformfreakout/

Comment: my previous experiences with the discography of the French imprint Myhand.Thanx Records were being related to post-punk-ish yet vanguard sonic forms. However, it was great surprise of mine to find out something totally different. The Serbian Filip Stojiljkovic`s 6-track issue is a source at listening to it you must be stuck into complications. The outing starts off with an intense torrent of harsh noise which later will have dissolved into less straightforward yet even more provoking sonic experiments. FS channels his noise music into more complicated, signal-like appearances and even providing rhythmic threads. Additionally, you can listen to elliptic gurgling being interwoven with vowel layers thereby conjuring fucked-up sensations and frantic mental states. The aesthetic of coverprint of the EP is blurred in the way of reminding of the one by Keith Bowsza aka Minòy, the cultish US-based noisenik and artist (1951-2010) whose experiments with photography were laid down in a similar way. 
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