Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lessons In Time - Lady Wisdom At The Gate (Proverbs) (2014)

/New Weird Australia, Dream folk, Noir folk, Anti-folk, Freak folk, Weird folk, Indie folk, Electronic, Psych-folk, Experimental folk, Folk indie, Avant-folk/

Comment: I can`t stand for those persons` opinion who hyped Animal Collective throughout the 00s but nowadays speaking silly things by accusing the Avey Tare & Panda Bear led combo by introducing naïve and simplistic elements into the pop music. All what has been created by the group throughout the 00s was innovative and spellbinding. Another essential element related to them (basically with them and Devendra Banhart) was to introduce the movement of the so-called New Weird America which had a huge influence on other countries folk musicians either. Eventually we did have a chance to see how much potential could have folk music if to cross it with other genres. Australia is one of those countries wherefrom have come off a loads of groups with tremendous aesthetical ability. For instance, I recommend listen to the compilations of New Weird Australia at Bandcamp to comprehend the phenomenon. The Sydney-based collective Lessons In Time is being active since the second half of 00s and having issued four albums so far (at least more issues I was not personally able to figure out). The combo`s 6-track issue is a relatively short-running one though involving a multitude of twists and undercurrents to undermine a trivial folk music body. From sublime dreamy female vocal led meditations to more noir drenched vocal timbres and guitar experiments to voice machine/vocoder drenched vocal experiments to distorted guitar hook based elevations into noise rock embodiment to compositions let to evolve within open space/nearby the campfire somewhere. All of that described recently it is not a simplistic show-off but an organic shift from one element to another.
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