Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hanetration – Acid Reflux EP (2015)

/Avant-garde, Neoclassical, Illbient, Drone, Experimentalism, Film noir, Microtonal, Post-industrial, Chamber music/

Comment: Acid Reflux EP is not the first notch by the London, UK-based project Hanetration at Recent Music Heroes because of being prolific on the average and providing cues how to produce restrained yet evocative music. Indeed, it is music, though, being very far away from possible centres of the pop music (in case if they exist). More profoundly, it is tight flirtation with eerie shadows and abandoned landscapes and metal-filled wastelands and warehouses. Hanetration`s music is an asylum for your dreadful dreams and fantasies, however, being partly unknown and recognisable at the same time. As if one having knowledge about something intimidating one once met and having no wish to fall in with anymore. Sonically, of course, it is wondrous and enthralling – in addition to densely droning landscapes it involves chamber music threads to add something new and thoroughly captivating to the mix. Maybe it is a sort of pop music though. Maybe we should differentiate infantile (pop)/AOR music from essential music? However, both of them need each other to set into opposition and thus preserving the meaning and core of their intention and appearance. Technically, it is permeated with phase changes, pitched-up effects, bits and drones to come slowly to the surface. In a word, get in touch with these spellbinding post-industrial landscapes. Maybe it depicts the era when the human being is extinct due to its obtuseness or more clever and perfect robots will be up there to hold sway over the Earth and preserving other species and Earth in overall. I am quite convinced they will be listening to Acid Reflux EP at the robot oriented radio stations (ROR music) the same time.
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