Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Futurospekcja – Lamacz (2013)

/Big beat, Indietronica, Alternative pop, Acid jazz, Mood music/

Comment: this pair of tracks is based on exuberant rhythm shuffles as if a mix involving the elements of indie guitars and big beat and acid jazz cadences replete with distracted milieu and broken constructions. If to speak about it in a more in-depth way, it is a notch somewhere between Skalpel, and Spaceman 3`s Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found From There), for instance. I don`t even know is it a sort of mood music or not (even if these elements are represented there). However, all these questions are properly pseudo ones or at tleat irrelevant because Futurospekcja`s soundscape surfaces in astonishing way. This album is produced by Błażej Gębura who is being related to the artists of such labels as Noecho, and SuperSound.
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