Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Figures In Motion - Cycle (2011)

/Indie rock, Indietronica, Alternative pop, Electronic, Experimental rock, Art rock, Dream pop/

Comment: Figures In Motion is a trio from France whose 7-track issue traces back to the tradition of 90s alternative pop/rock, some electronic music`s influences and more majestic hovers. Mostly their sound is compared with Radiohead`s one although the trio`s music can be considered an alternative version of the British legend`s music and it is not the same point actually. More concretely, exuberant guitar strums are variegated with electronic whiffs, earthquake-alike rhythms, and looped synthesised patterns and languid singing manner focusing on full-fledged longing and picturesque dreaming. Frequently those restrained and buried moments there have been managed in a way to burst out into something creepy and overwhelming. It can be concluded it is a self-contained, poised issue indeed.  
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