Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ekleipsi Net-Label Halloween Compilation (2007)

/Neofolk, Dark folk, Funeral metal, Neoclassical, Space rock, Post-classical, Dark Wave, Shoegaze, Breakbeat/

Comment: honestly, what kind of music could be expected from the Halloween compilation else but dark-hued, doleful, ominous and overwhelming aesthetic examples pouring out from any chord and rhythmic staple. Furthermore, no one can blame this compilation of having blanched outfit and nature (except the bloof, of course, thought to be delivered to witches and other supernatural beings). More profoundly, there are represented 30 tracks of disparate edges of the spectrum replete with black and grey-filled shades, extensive dread appeal, and phantasmal murmurs here and there. At times it is solemn and epic, at times rhythm and echo centred. There are represented such artists as Darrell Waters, Blue Skies Bring Tears, Shadegrown, Noctiflora, The Light Beyond, The Silence Industry, Jupiter Make`s Me Scream, Art Of Empathy, Aesis, Aritus, CriadCrias, Schattenwald, Comascape, Surrain, Milkrun. By the way, most artists on it have two tracks represented. In a word, goth kids come over here to grab it for yourselves.
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