Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dmyra – The Key (2010)

/Art folk, Singer-songwriter, Downbeat, Trip-hop, Alternative, Crossover, Folktronica, Improvised music/

Comment: Dmyra is the nom de plume of Robert Demes II coming out of Costa Rica whose 6-track issue is a multi-faceted appearance of different influences and musical indulgences. There are represented minimalist, slightly angulate folk ditties which are embellished with jazzy, downbeat and trip-hop shuffles and austere synthesised breezes on the top. In fact, Demes is not to be hurried up to reach some goals or places and his slacker attitude is fine actually. The album is an effective and cumulative buildup of sonic smithereens having and abandoning basic lines within these puzzles at the same time. It could be considered the experimental core of the issue for inducing the listener`s restless pleasure. By kindred souls the can be drawn parallels upon the likes of Beck, The Beta Band. Get it.                               
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