Monday, April 20, 2015

Infirm Individual – Spiritual Blackout (2014)

/Electronic pop, New Age, Hip-hop, Futurist pop, Synth pop, New Wave, Space pop, Synth fusion/

Comment: Infirm Individual`s album Agoraphobia was one of the most eminent issues in 2014 at least regarding Recent Music Heroes blog. Although it was deliberately eclectic it constituted an organic whole involving disparate elements from black metal and cybergrind to more mellow synth pop and easy listening slivers. In fact, Spiritual Blackout comes out of the same year, though providing a little different accents and flavours. Undoubtedly it is a great 4-track release drawing aesthetically influences from spaced-out glamorous synth rock/electro pop rock/fusion bands (Space, Ganymed, Zodiac) from the end of 70s and the first half of 80s in Continental Europe and even surprisingly blinking the eye to the hip-hop genre. Yeah, it embraces a shitloads of glisteningly exuberant synth progressions and drum machine relied thumps and alien-like vocal glimpses immersed in hyperreality. In a nutshell, probably I am going to add it also to the best albums issued in 2014. By the way, he recently issued the brand new one album Neo Tokyo (it is a self-release similarly to his previous outings).      
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