Monday, April 13, 2015

DavidKBD - Plastik-VG, VideoGame Homage (2011)

/Electro-metal, Crossover, Fusion, Progressive metal, Synth rock/

Comment: DavidKBD is a musician from Pamplona, Basque country, Spain whose 7-track album is a seamless amalgamation of videogame flickers and bombastic metal music. More concretely, it consists of progressive metal guitar riffs, rapid key changes in the vein of fusion music, and blistering shells of electronic synth rock. On the other side, actually the issue involves only few videogame samples – it might be a little bit confusing but not being drawback. The outlet is highly energetic, synergic and thereby convincing throughout its chameleon-like course. Let`s enjoy it.    
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