Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Fucked Up Beat – Europa (2015)

/Sampledelic, Experimentalism, Exotica pop, Breaks, Sound collage, Experimental electronica, Hauntology, Leftfield, Avant-garde, Crossover/

Comment: first of all, I guess any new issue from the prolific San Diego/New York duo The Fucked Up Beat is an event for music lovers.  Eddie Palmer and Brett Zehner`s collaboration over the internet is a fine example of how music can fruitfully be influenced by conspiracy theories, spy conversations and oldie music/exotica pop samples replete with mysticism, divine touch and  transcendentalism. Furthermore, all these cultural references are reflected through modern production and some distinctly nowadays rhythmic progressions are more predominantly up there sounding like a haunting house party somewhere in a freemason lodge. Actually the issue proves that haunted music didn`t inevitably begin with the rise of The Caretaker but the traces hark back to The Conet Project`s Shortwave Numbers Stations (1997, Irdial-Discs) being by the way the inspiration source for Wilco`s album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. By the way, the duo issued the albums at the same time (another album is called Europa II).                
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